Hitting Approach


attack_animated Attack Sequence Slow Motion: Shows you the breakdown of an attack approach (click on the images on the left to see a larger image)
01 0. Ready Position: For right-hand hitters, right foot forward, for left-hand hitters, left foot forward, lower hips and shoulders, put your weight in front of you
02 1. First Step: Toes to the ground first, not heel, aggressive step forward, arms reach out like a superman, stay low, this step is like any step when you are running a 100-meter dash
03 2. Approach Arms: Arms reach backwards, thumbs swipe through your thigh so you can be sure your arms are not open, open arms will slow you down
04 3. Power Stride: Long stride, arms swing backwards and upwards, the higher the better, make sure arms are not open, your arms are the lever to help you explode at the jump
05 4. Load Position: Lower hips and shoulders, swing arms forward, knees and feet parallel, not too close or too wide open, this will make sure you have a good take off with 100% of your power from both feet
06 5. Explosion: Arms reach to the sky while jumping upward, your arms are the lever for your jump, reach out into the sky and use your hips to carry you upward
07 6. Open: Body has a 45 degrees angle to the net allowing body to turn to create power in the next move
08 7. Elbow Drive: Elbow point to the sky, close elbow, not open, keep your elbow next to your ears
09 8. Arm Swing: Pull your non-hitting arm tugged back to your body, allowing your body to turn faster as your other arm swing to hit the ball, tuck back your arm to speed up your waist turn just like figure skaters do
010 9. Arm Extension: Arm swing straight through, make contact while arm extended, keep the ball close to your body but slightly in front of you
011 10. Ball Contact: Arm straight, snap wrist, hitting arm and body should be inline at contact
012 11. Landing: Both feet land at the same time, drop hips to balance, use your body to take the impact off your feet, do not stay too low, landing is an important step to keep your ankles and knees away from injury
012 12. Transition: Ready to step back for the next attack, or block

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